The simplest of all the casino card games, War is a very quick game to play – perfect if you're looking for some fast action.

War is a simple comparison game, where you need to draw a higher card than the Dealer. Six card decks are used in the shoe, with shuffling in-between each hand. The card values and ranks are the same as in normal poker, with an Ace only being high, and suit having no influence.

To start playing War, you place a bet and then you and the Dealer each get a card. The cards are shown and compared. Highest card wins – it's that simple. If you win you are paid out at 1:1 odds. If you lose, you lose your bet.

In the case of a tie you can either Surrender and lose half your bet, or Go To War. If you Go To War, your bet is doubled. Three face-down cards are then dealt, plus a face-up card to both you and the Dealer. If your facing card is higher, you win the raised bet and get a push on the original bet. If the Dealer's card is higher, you lose both bets. For additional spice in the Go To War feature, you can take a tie bet – if the first two cards tie you are paid at odds of 10:1, otherwise you lose.

War Paytable:

Hand Payout
Your hand is higher Win bet amount and original bet
Tie and You win Second hand Original bet is a push, raise pays even money
Tie and You Surrenders You win half your bet
Tie and Tie Original bet pushes, raise pays you even money