Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist

Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist

Reel Crime: Bank Heist was one of the very first i-Slots ever released, setting the online casino industry abuzz with its innovative blend of slots play, a 4-stage storyline and interactive bonus features. It manages to pack a whole lot of varied entertainment and many different ways to win into one slots game package, and has proven to be one of the most popular games online.

Reel Crime: Bank Heist is at its basis a 5 reel video slot that has 15 paylines, which is where you start. Having bank robbery as its theme, it has all kinds of related symbols, like traditional hoodlum submachine guns, knuckledusters, fedoras, nightsticks, money bags and violin cases. When spinning the reels you can choose to bet anything from 1 to 5 coins per payline.

The bonus games in Reel Crime: Bank Heist all follow on from each other and the whole thing is triggered by the ubiquitous Tommy Gun scatter symbol. Because of the linear nature of the bonus feature you also get a map to guide you, so that you'll always know where you are. If you get 3 or more Tommy Guns the story begins as you find yourself outside the bank…

This first bonus game scene of Reel Crime: Bank Heist requires you to do some shooting with your Tommy Gun. Depending on what you shoot, you'll advance to one of two further game stages – if you shoot an alarm you'll end up On The Run or if you shoot your way to a key, you'll end up Inside The Bank.

If you manage to get Inside The Bank, you play the next stage of Reel Crime: Bank Heist, where you first select a coin value and then need to dodge the cops and get to the bank vault. You do this by spinning reels – if you get the Policeman symbol 3 or more times, you are caught, and you go back to the normal reel play without getting any further in the bonus game. If you accumulate 3 Shoe symbols, you go through to the Dynamite stage of the bonus game.

If you previously hit the alarm and end up at the other bonus game screen in Reel Crime: Bank Heist – the On The Run screen, you can still progress to the Dynamite stage by getting away from the policeman – this time by spinning the reels and watching the progress bars at the top. If you get away, you are presented with a Choose a Car round. Pick a car and you're whisked off to the Dynamite stage.

In the Dynamite stage you're ready to pull off the actual Reel Crime Bank Heist. In this part of the game you get a new set of reels to spin, with different symbol combinations triggering different bonus features. Free spins are triggered by the Dynamite symbol, special Getaway Free Spins are triggered by the Getaway symbol, and the Caught bonus game is triggered by the Cop symbol (although you want to avoid this). Your rewards for all of this are the prizes in the free spins games, or a consolation prize if you get to the Caught round.