Red Dog

Red Dog

Red Dog is a casino poker game that deviates from the usual sort of poker play. Instead of betting on whether you'll end up with the strongest hand, you need to bet on whether or not a third card will fall in-between the values of the first two you are dealt. The difference in value between the two cards is called the spread. For example, if the first card is a 6 and the second a 10, the spread is 3 (as there are 3 card values that will fall in-between the two). Red Dog is played with a single deck in the shoe, with shuffling in-between hands.

At the beginning of a game of Red Dog, you select the chip size that you wish to bet, using the + and – signs, and then place your bet in the betting circle. Two cards are then revealed. Because the bet is on whether a third card will be in-between these two cards, if the cards have sequential face values, the game ends and your bet is returned. If the cards are equal in value, a third card is revealed. If it has the same value as the first two, you win a payout at 11:1 odds. If not, it is considered a tie.

Except for these two conditions, the game of Red Dog continues. You then have the choice to Call or Raise. If you raise, your bet is doubled. If you call, your bet remains the same. A third card is then revealed. If the value of this card lies between the values of the first 2 cards, you win and are paid out according to the paytable. If not, or if it is of the same value as one of the two cards, you lose your bet.

Card values:

The value of each card is its face value. In the case of picture cards, a Jack is 11, a Queen 12, a King 13 and an Ace 14.


Hand Payout
Three of a Kind 11:1
Spread of 1 5:1
Spread of 2 4:1
Spread of 3 2:1
Spread of 4-11 1:1
Pair Push
Consecutive Cards Push