Let It Ride

Let It Ride

Let It Ride is a casino poker game that you'll find at most online and real-world casinos. This version is played with one deck of standard poker cards in the shoe, with shuffling in-between each hand. As with most other casino poker games, the aim of Let It Ride is to beat the Dealer by having a stronger hand.

To start a game of Let It Ride, you need to select a chip value to bet with, using the + and – signs. You can place a bet in any of the 3 betting circles. This bet is automatically duplicated for you in the other 2 betting circles. Once your bets have been made, click the Deal button.

In Let It Ride you are dealt 3 cards, the Dealer is dealt 2 cards and 2 community cards are dealt to the top of the table, both face down. Your objective is to make a 5-card hand using your 3 cards and the community cards.

The next step in Let It Ride is to decide if you want to continue with all your bets or not. If you don't particularly like your hand so far, you can remove one of your bets by clicking the Pull Out button.

You'll now want to see the community cards. To see one of them, click the Let It Ride button. Once again you have the choice of using the Pull Out button to remove one of your two remaining bets. Then to see the remaining community card, click the Let It Ride button once more.

When both community cards are revealed, the Dealer receives a final card to make a 5-card hand, and the hands are compared. If the dealer has a stronger hand, you lose your bets. If your hand is stronger, you are paid out relative to your hand value, according to the paytable.