European Roulette

European Roulette

European Roulette is one of the two roulette games available in the Rival Gaming casino games suite. It's the classic game of excitement and excellent winning potential, and probably the casino game that is most renowned.

European Roulette is played using a wheel with numbered positions into which a ball is dropped as it is rotating – in the opposite direction to the wheel's spin. Players bet on where the ball will land once the wheel has come to rest, and are paid out for correct predictions.

European Roulette has 37 different numbered positions on its wheel, ranging from 0 – 36. (It differs from American Roulette in that the latter also has a 00 position.) The number backgrounds are either black or white, in alternating order, and the background of the 0 position is green. Alongside the wheel is a betting mat on which players place their chips to bet on various number and colour combinations. When the ball has come to rest, winning bets are paid out, and losing bets are removed and added to the house bank.

To play the online European Roulette game, you first select the chip size that you want to bet, using the chip selection + and – buttons. Now you simply move your mouse over the betting mat and click where you want to place your bet. You can bet more than one chip on each position – by left-clicking more than once. To remove a bet from a position, use right-click. There are certain bet limits to adhere to – a table limit, depending on the game you are playing, and limits on specific bets like inside bets (placed on the numbers) and outside bets (placed on the sections that offer odds, like the Even Money section). You can bet on specific numbers, on number combinations (by placing your bet on the gridlines that separate numbers), on which colour you think the ball will land, and on the abovementioned outside bets.

Once you have completed placing your bets, simply click the Spin button and the game automation will kick in and do the rest for you. Once the ball has come to rest, the game automatically handles payouts according to the European Roulette paytable below.

Bet Pays
Red 1:1
Black 1:1
Odd 1:1
Even 1:1
1 to 18 1:1
19 to 36 1:1
1 to 12 2:1
12 to 24 2:1
25 to 36 2:1
Any one number 35:1
Two number combination 17:1
Three number combination 11:1
Four number combination 8:1
Six number combination 5:1
0, 1, 2, 3 combination 6:1